Fractured 1000 Meter Angie

Angie is 100 reps each of pull-ups, pushups, sit-ups and squats, performed straight through with no partitioning. 100+100+100+100. Today we will slice and dice it up a bit and add 1000 meters, your choice of running or rowing.

For time,
56 pullups
56 pushups
56 situps
56 squats
500 meter row or run
Then perform the remaining 44 reps of each exercise partitioned any way you choose, adding another 500 meters at any point before yelling “time”

Partitioning this way will give you the sense of the “Angie grind” during the first 56 reps of each but allow an increase intensity in the second half of the workout. Why 56? Yes, it’s someone’s B-Day today. The birthday boy will be doing this during the 9:30am class. Join him if you want to share in the suck. Cheers!

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