CrossFit Cleveland Weekend Update:

It’s business as usual for the weekend. Doors open at 8:00am on Saturday for a nasty Chipper WOD. Get here by 10:00am at the latest. You can also join in the 11:00am Basic Intro/Beginners Class. Bring a friend, their first visit is free.

If you want to join in the fun of the Open competition, join us on Saturday starting at noon. We’ll run heats until we are finished. If you are registered and paid on the CrossFit Games website we will make sure your workout is judged and validated. If you are not registered but want to perform the workout along side others in a more competitive environment, you are welcome. Everyone must RSVP on our WODhopper system so we know how many to expect.  If you don’t see the WODhopper RSVP button on your screen, use this link

If you can’t or don’t want to make it Saturday, you’ll get your chance to do the Open WOD on Monday as our regular programmed WOD. There are more details down below in this post.

Sunday Open Gym for Unlimited Members from 9:00am until 11:00am. You will NOT be able to perform Open WOD 17.1 with a judge unless you have made prior arrangements. Contact me by noon Saturday if you need a judge on Sunday. We will be able to have your workout judged on Monday, so please do it then unless your schedule does not permit. Thanks.

crossfit games open 17.1Here’s a repeat of the CrossFit Games Open post from this past Monday:

You might have heard about this thing called “The CrossFit Games”. Guess what time it is?
It’s that time to show the world what you are made of once again, if you care. The CrossFit Games Open competition runs for five weeks, beginning this Thursday February 23rd through March 27th.

The Open workouts will be announced on Thursdays at approximately 8:30pm EST. We will program each week’s Open Workout as our Member WOD on each Monday following the announcement. As in years past, we will meet on Saturday at noon for members to perform the workout together in a more competitive environment. All members are welcome and encouraged to participate.
You have a few options if you are interested in participating in the Open this year.

1) You can simply perform each week’s Open Workout on Mondays to share in the Open workout experience

2) You can attend the special Noon Workouts on Saturdays and perform the Open Workouts along with other members in a more competitive environment. Yes, we’ll crown a champion at the end.

3) You can register on the CrossFit Games website and have the ability to log your workout times/scores each week to see how you compare against hundreds of thousands of other
CrossFitters around the world.

Here’s how things will work during the five weeks of the Open:

– CrossFit HQ will announce the 17.x Open workout on Thursday evening

– Our Friday and Saturday morning Member WODs will operate as usual

– Members can participate in the Open 17.x WOD on Saturday at Noon, and must RSVP using our WODhopper system

– Saturday noon Open workouts will run in heats until everyone completes the workout

– There is no cost to join in, only if you choose to officially compete on the CrossFit Games website.

– The cost to register for the Open on the CrossFit Games site is $20, payable directly to CrossFit HQ,

– Members who are registered to compete in the Open will be guaranteed a judge to score their workouts during the Saturday Noon sessions

– Monday’s member WOD will be that week’s Open Workout so everyone can share the experience scaled to their level

– Remember, if you wish to participate in the Saturday Noon sessions, you must RSVP on our WODhopper to let us know you are coming

CrossFit affiliate gyms like us do not share in any of the proceeds from the $20 registration. Keep in mind, you do not need to register and pay CrossFit HQ to participate in our Saturday noon sessions.

We strongly encourage you to either attend the Saturday noon sessions or make sure you come to the gym on Mondays to get a dose of the Open Workouts. Each year, our participating members always seem to reach a new level of performance due to the highly competitive nature of the Open season. Give it a try, you won’t be sorry. Not feeling up to the challenge this year? You can still watch. Stop in at noon on a Saturday and cheer on your fellow teammates!

If this is all news to you and you have no idea what we are talking about, please ask us at the gym. It’s often easier to explain things in person than in a message like this one. Cheers!

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