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A love note to myself:

It’s the end of Week 3 of my 2020 Healthy Reset and I was feeling pretty down about my accomplishments, or lack thereof this past week.  I had not logged ANYTHING; not a single workout, not my food or water intake, not my daily reading habits, nothing.

I sat down to reflect on why I did so poorly and attempted to regroup for the upcoming week.  As I thought more about the past week, I realized it wasn’t as bad as I thought.  I got in three workouts at CF Cleveland, I did my Crossover Symmetry routines, and my water intake was on track.  For the most part I stayed true to my food targets.  I even kept it healthy while eating out on Saturday night.  My sleep was almost seven hours every night.  Admittedly, my 10 minutes a day of reading kind of sucked, but there’s a new week ahead of me.

In the end, I realized that I was pretty hard on myself and thought I didn’t do well all week.  Today I am feeling pretty accomplished and recharged.  It’s a new day and the dawn of a new week.  I’m ready for Week 4 of my Reset and plan on continuing with my Healthy Habits!

Have you ever written a love note to yourself?   Try it, you might feel a lot better when you do.

Simply Said – by Staci Russell

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