LIVE CLASSES at the gym, with our normal CrossFit Class Schedule, starting at 5:00am.   Don’t forget to RSVP to a class time. Please don’t simply show up thinking there will be room for you. You must RSVP to reserve your spot.
Tuesday’s LIVE Workout:  Split Jerks strength or skill + a spicy finisher
Wednesday’s LIVE Workout: Deadlifts, heavy, and handstand pushups
Thursday’s LIVE Workout: Slammin’ Annie Pyramid
Friday’s LIVE Workout: Friday Surprise – Show up and see.
Workout: At Home Version:  There is no Virtual Online Zoom Workout today.
Warmup: 8 minutes
20 – Jumping Jacks
10 – Torso Twists R&L
10 – Good Morning, 3 sec D/P/U
10 – Stepping High Knees R&L
10 – Hollow Rock & Rolls
10 Second Eccentric Pushup (1)
Workout: At Home Version
3 rounds, for time, of
30 – Pushup-Hand Release w/Shoulder Tap R&L
40 – Situp – Any style
50 – Flutter Kick (4 Count)
90 Second Run/Row/Bike/
Jump Rope or ropeless
Cool Down:
Good Mornings – 100 reps, with a Torso Twist R&L every 10 reps
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