LIVE CLASSES at the gym, with our normal CrossFit Class Schedule, starting at 5:00am.   Don’t forget to RSVP to a class time. Please don’t simply show up thinking there will be room for you. You must RSVP to reserve your spot.
Sneak Peek for the Week:
Monday’s LIVE Workout:  A different kind of Monday grinder with power cleans, pushups, air squats and rest built in. Coach Courtney chose this named CrossFit WOD
Tuesday’s LIVE Workout: A little strength work then a fast and furious couplet of thrusters & ?
Wednesday’s LIVE Workout: Heavy deadlifts, CF Football Style
Thursday’s LIVE Workout: A mid-week grinder with rowing, a box, a pullup bar and a pair of DBs
Friday’s LIVE Workout: Friday Surprise, do not miss this one.
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