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Hey All!!!
Wanted to write a quick love letter to you:
Throughout my adult life, I’ve had people ask me how I stay in shape and how to look the way I do. Although not always easy, I work VERY hard to look how I do, albeit it’s not a perfect body, but one I’m proud of (most days).
I prioritize fitness 4-5 days a week- scheduling my day around my workout to know for certain I will get it in. If I coach on a Saturday, that means waking up at 6 AM to get it in, even if I want to sleep in. If I’m in a bad mood or exhausted, the first thing I look to is exercise (usually going for a walk)—not alcohol or desserts. I strongly believe in rest days and usually have 2-3 a week, which gives my mind and body a break.
In addition to working out, I consume vegetables at all meals, and go out to eat usually 2x a month. I drink alcohol 1-2x a week, and choose to not eat fast food/ candy/ ice cream.
Since my competing days are behind me, I have certainly let loose some (especially living closer to home, with my mom making yummy treats all the time), but I still try to stick to those norms 80% of the time.
Obesity runs in my family, and I am not adverse to it. My genetics play a role, certainly, but they don’t paint the whole picture. My body has changed A LOT due to CrossFit and most importantly, because of nutrition. The two have helped me grow muscles, a butt ;), core strength, and most importantly confidence!
I am the first to promote living happily while working out and focusing on nutrition- but remember that YOU HAVE THE CHOICE to be whoever you want. Genetics certainly play a role, but don’t let it be an excuse for you.
And remember that everyone on this planet struggles with body image, myself most certainly included. I’m not always happy with what I see in the mirror, but I tell myself- I’m a constant work in progress.
Love yourself and be the best version of yourself 🙂 and support others along the way!
Proud of you!
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