10 rounds of

3 deadlifts @ 70% of your 1 rep max followed by 45 seconds of plank hold.

Time your own plank holds, use multiple sets if needed to reach 45 seconds.  No additional rest, as long as you are maintaining perfect form.  If your form begins to falter, stop, lower the weight 10-15%, and resume.  Record load and the total number of breaks you needed to take during the 10 sets of planks.  If you hold all ten for the full 45 seconds, your score is zero, which is good.

Amrap in 6 minutes of
12 wall ball shot
6 burpee tuck jump

Warmup:  3 rounds of
300 meter row
10 band good morning
10 backward lunge R&L
10 strict pushup
10 back extension
5 deadlift, increasing weight

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