Bill & Staci’s Paleo Kitchen – Paleo Mayonnaise 

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[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Bill & Staci’s Paleo / Zone Kitchen – Homemade Paleo Mayonnaise

In this episode we use a stick blender instead of a typical kitchen blender. It’s much easier with a stick blender and the results are much more consistent. you can find our original mayonnaise video here, using a standard blender.

Our typical batch is using two eggs, if you are watching this video instead of listening to the podcast, you’ll see I’m using three eggs this week. Everything I’ll take about today refers to the ’two egg’ batch, which will yield just shy of two cups of mayonnaise. That’s plenty for the two of us for the week. I make the larger three-egg batch when I know we are using some for a broccoli salad or some other separate sauce.

Start by cracking raw eggs into a bowl and adding 1.5 tablespoons of fresh lime juice. We buy the pure organic bottled Lime Juice, you can also squeeze a fresh lime. If your eggs and/or lime juice was refrigerated, you must leave the bowl out for an hour or so to get to room temperature, this is important. If it’s cold, you may end up with runny mayonnaise.

Next I add about 1 teaspoon of dry mustard powder and about 1/2 teaspoon of seal salt and garlic powder. We like dill weed, so we add about a tablespoon. Like all of our recipes, we season to taste. When you are finished you can easily add more seasoning to suit your taste.

We use light tasting olive oil, it has a milder taste that Extra Virgin or regular olive oil. You can use avocado oil, but it costs more. If you want it paleo and healthy, don’t use canola oil or cheap vegetable oils like corn or soybean oil.

I use 5-6 ounces of olive oil per egg, so figure 10-12 ounces of oil per batch Pour in about half the oil right and start blending, using the stick blender. There is a way to make this with a regular kitchen blender or ’ninja’ style blender, but you’ll hate doing so. We use a 2-speed Cuisinart stick blender, you can buy them anywhere for about 40 bucks.

After about 30-45 seconds it will begin to thicken up slightly, move the blender around in the bowl in a circular fashion to keep it mixing in.

Over the next minute, steadily pour in the remaining oil while blending constantly. You can stop for a few seconds now and then, but keep things moving.

After about 3 minutes the mayo will start to thicken more, stay with it, you are almost done

Keep the blender stick moving all around the bowl to turn in any excess oil.

In about 4 minutes, sometimes a little sooner, you are done.

I like it to be a little thicker than ketchup, staying on the spoon but easily shaken off. If you want it a little thicker, just add more oil, about one ounce at a time and continue blending. Be careful not to add too much or it will turn out more like the consistency of cream cheese. It will taste fine but won’t be as easy to work with when making sauces or salad dressings.

Keep the bowl covered and refrigerated. The mayonnaise will last a week, maybe a week and a half, but no longer. It’s like old milk, you’ll know when it’s bad.

So there you have it, Bill & Staci’s Paleo Mayonnaise – made with locally farmed eggs and light tasting olive oil, lime jiuce and seasoning to your taste. Try it and let me know how it turned out. Until next time, thank for listening in.

Please let me know if you like this episode using still pictures instead of live video of me mixing and blending ingredients. Thanks.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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