Kale Chips – Bill & Staci’s Paleo/Zone Kitchen

Watch how easy it is to make home made Kale Chips for a fraction of the cost of the ones you find in the grocery stores.

Staci and  I spend a few hours each week preparing Paleo Zone meals in advance for the week. Paleo refers to the nutritional quality and Zone refers to the proportions of Macro nutrients (Macros). By always having good food choices on hand at all times, it makes it easy for us to stay on track with our eating. We spend six days a week running our CrossFit gym, CrossFit Cleveland in Rocky River, OH, and that places a tremendous demand on our schedules. Daily meal planning is one thing we don’t have to worry about, it’s all done in advance.

Stay tuned for more videos and pictures showing you how easy it is to prep nutritional meals to keep you on a healthy eating track. Don’t forget our simple guiding principle. “Stop Eating Crap.  Eat Real Food”.

Bill & Staci’s Paleo Zone Kitchen is an online video series showing easy step by step ways to make great tasting meals, side dishes and snacks to help you clean up your diet by eliminating processed foods, refined sugar, grains and dairy from your diet. Sit back, take notes and then go make something Paleo. http://www.crossfitcleveland.com or email [email protected]

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