4 Minutes with Bill – Episode 1 – Don’t Paint a Dirty Car – with Bill Russell CrossFit Cleveland

I finally got my new Podcast/Vidcast, “4 Minutes with Bill”, started this week after months of talking about it offline. I recorded a trailer episode on Monday and finally recorded Episode 1 today.

If you’re not a fan of podcasts that start out with 10-15 minutes of ‘Bro Talk’ and then spend most of their hour babbling about everything other than the subject they headlined, here’s my offering.

Short, concise tips to make you feel better, look better and work/play better. I expect a major bias towards ways to improve your eating habits, with health and fitness tips mixed in. I’ll throw in some small business start-up and operation topics as well.

You can also find this on Anchor, www.anchor.fm/billrussell

Episode 2 will be about weekly food prep, with tips on how to get started preparing healthy meals in advance so that you always have good food choices. Stay tuned.

I promise I’ll get better and not look and sound like such as dork on future episodes

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