LIVE CLASSES at the gym, with our normal CrossFit Class Schedule, starting at 5:00am.   Don’t forget to RSVP to a class time. Please don’t simply show up thinking there will be room for you. You must RSVP to reserve your spot.  If you miss the RSVP cutoff to reserve your spot, you may show up if there is room in a class but it’s first come, first served.

The cutoff for removing your RSVP will be 8:00pm the evening before all A.M. classes and 2:00pm the afternoon of all P.M. classes.  You will still be able to RSVP to a class up to one hour before any class starts.

WODhopper now has a confirmation feature when you reserve a spot is a class, fixing the problem of unknowingly adding yourself to a class with an inadvertent tap on your screen.  You will see a prompt asking you to confirm your RSVP.

* You will be charged a No-Show fee if you RSVP to a class and miss it, regardless of the class size. If you are uncertain of your plans, please wait to reserve your spot until closer to the class time. You can RSVP to a class up to one hour prior to the start. If you miss that deadline and see room in a class, you can show up without RSVPing. However, any ‘open spots” are first come, first served.

Sneak Peek for the Week:

Monday’s LIVE Workout: A usual Monday Grinder, Pyramid Jackie
Tuesday’s LIVE Workout: Hang power cleans and double unders, fast & furious
Wednesday’s LIVE Workout:  Deadlifts, heavy and TGUs
Thursday’s LIVE Workout:  Mid-Week Grinder
Friday’s LIVE Workout: Friday Surprise, show up and see what’s on the board

Friday 5K Happy Hour Rucking Bar Crawl, meeting at Lakewood Truck Park at 4:00pm. Rucking out at 4:30pm for a 3-ish mile round trip bar crawl returning by 6:30pm for the evening.

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